Back, shrouded by the mists of time, was a chat called “nnchat”. In the quest to find a more perfect chat for all of sane humanity, the awesome Servo and Gohan created #food. They found themselves free of the tyranny that was “NNDon”. January 2001 was a wonderful time. Then, without the guidance of Servo, there was a great chat split where #food was abandoned and #foodfamitsu created in its wake. The great chat split of summer 2001 was rendered irrelevant later, when all joined hands and created the wonderful site and forums that are the direct ancestors of the site you see here today.

All was peaceful, a whole year of perfect harmony with the chat server “theLiberation”. However, late July 2002 held a surprise for the #foodfamitsu chatters. Being faced with displacement by an imminent server shutdown, they quickly found a replacement that was certainly decent, but without any great gain. Through August 8, 2002, to January 4, 2003, the unexciting “initialized” experiment was over and #foodfamitsu yet again set on a search for the perfect server.

Gamesnet was quickly assumed to be a better, larger server for #foodfamitsu’s needs; however, it was simply found to be a server where nobody knew each other’s names and many netsplits. Until the savior, Shadow, came along with her own server to share. Therefore, the many times displaced chatters of #foodfamitsu found a permanent home, where they can stay forever and ever. The end.

Or so they thought. Everyone knows the story of Shadow and that we lost our webspace and irc server. Through that we begrudgingly went back to the unexciting “initialized”, and put up with demonic opers who abused their powers at their own whims. Or at the sight of the word “bro”. After a few more years and way too many hours of MMORPGs, foodfamitsu has settled down at gamesurge.

Over the past four 12 years quatre has come back and ph has left and is coming back a year early. Servo has moved from Lancaster to Greensburg back to Lancaster and now to West Chester (then Exton, Lancaster, Thorndale). Kebo has… uh.. graduated and become a millionaire (then lost it all due to falling gas prices). Big has been through more jobs than probably anyone ever (no change here). Spyder has invaded and paid for power (comic, Gascoigne). Hopefully I won’t have to add to this ever again.

The end.

  • Servo, Logkeeper of FoodFamitsu.