Final Fantasy VI - the Blog! Part XI

on 8/5/2012

To Vector! First we stop in nearby Maranda. I’m not sure if I said this earlier, but Michael Vick is in this game. There’s a large group of soldiers dogfighting in the town square in Maranda. I stock up on supplies and soon we reach the capital of the Empire once again, Vector.

Vector is in absolute ruins. The espers came to rescue their friends, and after they saw all the carnage, they went berserk. Vector is nearly destroyed. However, all the shop owners have their shops open despite being on fire. They are dedicated to customer service.

The Returners, Banon, and Narshe guards are present in Vector, and the Emperor greets my party on the way in. Apparently he is through with fighting, after realizing how futile fighting the espers would be. We talk to 21 guards around Vector and meet for dinner. The Emperor says he wants to work with the Returners and TERRA to persuade the espers to cease the fighting. LOCKE and TERRA go alone to meet up with General Leo in Albrook, the rest of the party stays in Vector to see what is really up with the Empire. Certainly the Empire doesn’t just give up, Kafka will be on the loose once again.

The Emperor grants us all of the weapons in the imperial base outside the sealed gate, which means LOCKE and TERRA travel there to raid the formerly locked room with 10+ chests. LOCKE and TERRA are now ready to join General Leo in Albrook, and sail to the continent where the espers have landed.