Final Fantasy VI - the Blog! Part XII

on 8/19/2012

LOCKE and TERRA meet General Leo on the boat to complete their journey to find the espers. Another general and a mercenary are going to be joining us. Of course, they turn out to be CELES and that scared fuck SHADOW. Before and during the trip LOCKE and CELES have their emo scene, and TERRA and General Leo have their own emo scene. Good times.

Landing on the continent, the party heads back towards Thamasa, the completely unhelpful town from before. Now they are a bit more receptive, and we meet an old man STRAGO and his granddaughter (rumor has it friend’s daughter) RELM. Now that we have some friends in town, the inn decides to give away a night’s stay for 1 gp.

The party stays overnight, and a mansion catches on fire. RELM is somehow caught up in it. LOCKE, TERRA, and STRAGO go in to rescue her. The boss battle here is surprisingly tough and this fuck breaks out a Fire 3. I am completely unprepared for this and get decimated. I haven’t saved yet SO I DO IT ALLLL OVER AGAIN. The second playthrough gets worrisome as well, but I pull it out this time.

Thamasa is filled with the ancestors of mages and they all have magic. STRAGO joins the party, scared as fuck SHADOW leaves, and we head for the west to find the espers.