Final Fantasy VI - the Blog! Part XIII

on 10/11/2012

So where was I? I can barely remember. All I know is to go west, and indeed there is only one possible place. Into the caves. Two doors just loop around each other, but I begin to see RELM chilling outside of the door I just left. I waste a bunch of time leaving the cave, ensuring it’s where I’m supposed to go, trying to remember details about the boat ride and airship.

So yes, the cave is the only place for me to go. We reach a room with some magic statues that are the source of all magic or some such craziness. RELM is spying on us while Ulta the octopus attacks once again. On my way to easily defeating him, RELM decides to interrupt and wants to draw Ulta. He is very flattered and lets RELM sketch Uncle Ulty.

After the sketch, he is defeated, and RELM joins the party. I encounter and save point and take advantage of it. The next post will be coming shortly. Probably in less than two months.