Final Fantasy VI - the Blog! Part XIV

on 10/13/2012

Continuing the journey in the caves, we run into a big group of Espers. They want to apologize for the destruction, and upon hearing the Empire also wants peace they agree to meet with General Leo in Thamasa. Peace is made with the honorable General Leo. Also CELES and LOCKE meet up for more emo.

Kefka then busts into Thamasa and starts destroying everything, killing Espers, and generally being a nuisance. General Leo falls to Kefka, and everyone is knocked out for a while. The rest of the group flies in using the airship after everything is done, and lift off. The Emperor and Kefka are on a mission to find those statues which are the source of all magic blah blah something something and they end up lifting off on a flying continent.

Some other highlights from the cutscenes are EDGAR saving everyone by seducing a tea serving girl and then hitting on RELM who is 10. SHADOW’s dog Interceptor appears with an injury and the party assumes SHADOW is dead. I believe he is just scared as usual and hiding somewhere.

We must meet them there to stop the madness. I decide to change my party to CYAN, TERRA, LOCKE, and EDGAR. One of the best and worst parts of this game is the huge number of playable characters. It’s honestly hard to decide who to use, other than never using GAU. Everyone else brings something to the table and I want to use them all. The parts with two or more parties going at once do make up for the downside and I think so far have been the best moments of FFVI.

Next up is finding the flying continent with my new party. Kefka is a DEAD MAN.