Final Fantasy VI - the Blog! Part XV

on 1/26/2013

Man I really hated the flying continent. The party is forced to three so I kicked out CYAN, and SHADOW joins while on the continent. The enemies are rather powerful here and there is an actual danger of dying or having your HP/MP/items worn down over time attempting to get through this maze.

Eventually you get to where Kefka and the Emperor are waiting, but they are guarded by the Atma Beast. My first attempt at beating him fails and I did not find the save point right beforehand, so I had to go through this all over again. Which turned out to be a good thing since my party got a few more levels out of the deal.

With the Atma Beast defeated, the party attempts to interrupt whatever plans Kefka has. SHADOW runs away, typical. CELES appears after the party gets disabled and stabs Kefka, but this does not slow him down one bit. He does crazy statue stuff, the Emperor is dismayed because it will destroy the world instead of allow him to rule it as a celebrity like Obama. So Kefka murders the Emperor, and is about to take out the rest of the party when SHADOW appears and holds him off long enough to escape.

However, the statues are unleashing crazy magic so the world basically ruined. CELES wakes up after a year long nap with old man Cid taking care of her on a deserted island. Cid dies, CELES tries to kill herself, she finds a bird with a bandana like LOCKE’s, finds a letter from Cid about a raft in the basement, and takes her leave of the island.

CELES winds up on another ruined continent, with a giant tower in the middle. Albrook is to the south and I get some clues about the status of things. LOCKE was probably just through there and went to Tzen in the north, Kefka rules the tower and periodically kills people, and everyone is sad.

Next up, traversing to the north to find LOCKE.