Final Fantasy VI - the Blog! Part XVI

on 2/6/2013

Well I was wrong. It was SABIN up north. Naturally we find him holding up a house. After retrieving a small child from said house, he lets it fall and rejoins the party. CELES and SABIN then trek to the east to find TERRA in the destroyed town of Mobliz. She is looking after children, and refuses to leave. Some freaky demon that will absolutely will be seen again rolled her in combat, and then escaped from the grasp of CELES and SABIN.

TERRA decides to stay in bed though. What a bitchhhhhhh. Moving up to the north, we pass some weird tower in the middle of some mountains, then go into Nikeah. The townsfolk are busy rebuilding and everything seems fine. Some jerk named Gerad is leading criminals to South Figaro and then to Figaro Castle. This is EDGAR but for some bizarre reason just decides not to recognize his own brother.

The party stows away on the ferry to South Figaro, and will hopefully soon rejoin EDGAR.