Final Fantasy VI - the Blog! Part XVII

on 2/9/2013

We must follow Gerad to the ends of the earth. Through a cave, into Figaro Castle, where finally EDGAR reveals himself. He was using a gang of theives to get in, then ditched them when they are no longer needed. The castle is restored, and we fill in some EDGAR and SABIN backstory. The castle moves to a new continent near Kohlingen, and in the inn there sits SETZER.

SETZER agrees to join, and knows where to get a new airship. Battling through a bizarre grave, we find out it was SETZER’s girlfriend(?)’s ship that crashed with her aboard. He buried her with it and now we get to use it to take down Kefka. In the next town there is a woman sending letters to her boyfriend who she thinks is in the destroyed town of Mobliz.

Following the carrier pidgeon into Zozo, then Mount Zozo, we find CYAN. Hopefully we never have to go to disgusting Zozo again.

We take the airship to Jidoor where we find nothing interesting yet, some vague clues about more missing party members. There is a dragon in the Opera House, so my next step is to take that fiend down.